Snapchat Alpha Is Faster, Cleaner, And Meaner! Learn How To Get It!

Social media platforms are facing a tough time with all the backlash, data theft scams, and privacy concerns floating to the surface. In the battle of these mediums the corporations have to constantly evolve to outdo their competitors. Thus, when Snap announced in November that Snapchat for Android is about to get a new makeover, it didn’t seem as a major surprise. This was a result of Snap’s resolve to improve the user experience for Android users of Snapchat.

Snapchat Alpha Is Faster, Cleaner, And Meaner! Learn How To Get It!

Amongst the various goals outlined by the company, the core issues put forth included a greater inclination towards improving performance, to make the app user-friendly and easy to use. While the company had not set a deadline to roll out this newer version of Snapchat, a year later the new designs are beginning to do the rounds for testing. In fact, this hidden gem has been covertly included in the beta version of the original Snapchat app.

Steps to Enable Snapchat Alpha

Before you download the latest APK file for Snapchat Alpha, you need to make sure that you have the latest and updated version of Snapchat, the app should be either 10.39 or 10.39.1 beta version. Since Snapchat Alpha is rooted in the original Snapchat app, it is possible to enable the app. However, it will require giving root access and bypassing security followed by clearing the user data. Furthermore, after the installation, enabling all the features of Snapchat Alpha is also a complex set of procedures.

Since the steps to enable Snapchat Alpha require tinkering with the codes of your device, we would highly recommend it that you only try it out if you are experienced enough in this field. We bear no responsibility for any goof-ups. With that disclaimer, the following are the steps to get Snapchat Alpha running on your device:

  1. Download a root-enabled file explorer. You could choose from FX File Explorer or MiXplorer.
  2. Open the explorer (we are making use of MiXplorer) and swipe across the left sidebar to expand it. Tap on the “Root” menu.
  3. The app will ask you for root access, which you must grant if you wish to proceed.
  4. Head over to data, scroll below to find another option named data.
  5. Look for
  6. Open the folder named shared_prefs
  7. Open the xml file
  8. Find and locate the appFamily string and replace the snapchat value with a mushroom.
  9. Look out for the integer previousAppVersion and switch the value by the value incremented by one. For example, if the value is 1223, you need to make it 1224.
  10. Save the file.
  11. Exit the file explorer.
  12. Press and hold on the Snapchat app icon, open the App Info option from the menu.
  13. Force close Snapchat.
  14. Enable USB Debugging in the Developer Options after you have connected your phone to the PC. Ensure that you have ADB binaries on your PC.
  15. Run the Command Prompt and locate the directory where ADB binaries is present. Copy the following commands and paste it in your command prompt window:

Windows Command Prompt:adb shell
Windows PowerShell:.\adb shell
macOS/Linux Terminal:./adb shell

  1. Now copy paste or key in the commands one by one that have been given below:

pm enable
pm enable
pm disable

  1. Open the Snapchat app on your phone and the Alpha version will be running like a breeze!

That’s it! Now you can get the newest version of Snapchat, Snapchat Alpha on your phone!

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