Launching of Norton Security 7.7 Update for Mac PC

Norton is popular and useful antivirus software and it is amongst the list of all the top antiviruses. It is providing a real-time antivirus protection from the entire virus and other online attacks. It has a comprehensive range collection of security subscription packages. At present, seeing the growth of internet security breaches and online thefts, internet security has become one of the main concerns. Irrespective of whether we are surfing the internet on our Smartphone’s or computers, we are still exposed to cybersecurity threats. There is a high demand for Norton antivirus software due to its advanced and remarkable security features which remove all malware and online risks. Its additional advanced features are providing a productive and active service for the detection and removal of uninvited viruses too. Users can activate it by visiting the given link-

Norton has launched a new update for Norton users it’s- Norton Security 7.7 build 120 updates for Mac PC through LiveUpdate. You can download this Norton update; you just have to directly run LiveUpdate.

Suggestion: Please note a system reboot is required to apply Norton Identity Safe 5.3 Update

How to Verify Norton Security 7.7 Update for Mac PC?

  • To confirm your update, launch the Main User Interface.
  • Click on Help, and select “About” option. 

Some of the Common Questions Related this Update:-

How To Download Norton Security 7.7 Update for Mac PC? 

  • Norton customers can download Norton Security 7.7 for Mac from Norton Account portal.
  • This patch is available via LiveUpdate also.

What are the Preferable Languages for Norton Security 7.7 update?

  • You can use all of the languages with this Norton update, and it supports every language.

What’s the New in Norton Security 7.7 Update for Mac PC?

  • Norton Community Watch is now available under Product Settings
  • Norton DeepSight ‘Submission’ is gone and it is present in the form of Norton Community Watch
  • Browser Protection alerts schedule change: Norton Safe Web install alert will be less aggressive.
  1. HTTPS support for LiveUpdate
  2. GDPR compliant
  3. Norton Clean bug fixes
  4. Fixed top infield and SymQual issues.

Norton support is available 24*7 for the Norton uses. To get more information about Norton, contact the Norton certified technicians. To know more about the updates of Norton, please visit on If you already have an account with Norton then please visit

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