How to Send Lives to Other Candy Crush Saga Players

Candy crush is no more fun when you are short of life. It diminishes all the fun. You have to wait for some time in order to get lives to get into continuity. So, in order to send lives to someone, you must receive requests from them. Don’t forget that your friend must have sent you to request several times before you have earned it. The life request may not show up in your inbox for some time.

Follow these steps to send lives on Mobile: 

Open Candy Crush

  • Launch Candy Crush on your mobile and click the icon of Candy Crush.

Tap Play

  • Click Play. It will be in the middle of the page. Doing this will open the last level you were on in most of the cases.
  • Tap the Played before if you are not signed to the Candy Crush.
  • Facebook logo, Choose a method of Login. Choose your Facebook account or enter your login details.
  • Follow the online instructions.
  • Skip next two steps if clicking on Play opens map view.

Tap Settings gear

  • Click on the Settings gear.
  • There will see an icon of the shape of the gear.
  • Located at the left bottom corner of the screen.
  • Tap on it for going to a pop-out menu.

Click the Back button

  • Tap on the back button.
  • It will be a red button with the white door at the base of the pop-out menu.
  • You will be directed back to the Candy Crush map view.

Click the Messages icon

  • Tap on the messages icon that you will find in the top right corner of the screen in an envelope shape.
  • It will now open your messages inbox.

Choose your friend

  • Select the name of your friend and checkbox next to friend’s name to do so.

Click on Accept

  • It will be in the bottom right screen corner. Doing this will send life to your friend.

Ensure that your friend accepts the life sent by you

  • To accept the life, they need to open Candy Crush.
  • Tap the icon of messages.
  • Check box next to You has received a gift.
  • Tap Accept.

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