Safer Internet Day: How to Remain Safe in this Digital Advanced World

The year might be 2018, but the internet connection and cyber terrorize are still and always be in hot topics when it appears to our online presence.

You would be surprised to know how many people prefer to save their passwords on websites and that contains some sensitive information. As we all know that the internet security is rapidly changing and the new cybersecurity risks surface every single day. So, it means we stop using the technology and start using the traditional but it will not be possible to stop using technology. The reason is that we are totally dependent on technologies in this digital world.

SaferInternetDay is celebrated on February 6th, it is the annual event which recognized in almost 130 countries around the world and its aim is to create and educate the more safe and respectful environment on the Internet.

As we all aware of the facts that the internet is a very powerful tool that can rise inspiration and also enable every young generation to achieved great things in their life. To protect your device you need to install antivirus, for installing the antivirus visit

How to Save Yourself from Hackers and Scammers?

Some of the points are mentioned below that protect you and your device from the hackers and scammers. The pints are discussed below-

  • It is another way of verifying your identity of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), if available, it is just a username and password.
  • Don’t use online banking on public Wi-Fi’s, unless extremely necessary for you.
  • “Congratulations! You won Rs 1 crore. Please send your banking details.” Have you ever received these types of messages? If yes, then don’t continue or approved and never click on corrupt email links which are claiming to be from banks or some lottery agencies.
  • Always try to use Secure and strong passwords. We are suggesting you make a ‘strong’ password with at least 8 or more characters and a mixture of uppercase characters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Never accept friend requests from people you don’t know including the social media sites. It will give you many options to select who you are and from whom you sharing information.
  • Always Use privacy settings on social media networking sites or other important websites.
  • If you are a shopaholic, then please avoid shopping from the strange website and also try to use secure e-commerce sites only.

What should you do in case of ATM Breach?

ATM Breach is one of the common threats which is very popular these days. To protect yourself from the ATM Breach threats you need to follow the following instructions which are described below-

  • Debit card holders have to change their ATM password/PIN immediately.
  • Visit the bank branch and check carefully for the protection of your money in your bank account.
  • In case of any divergence or doubt, asked for a new debit card or card replacement from your bank manager.

These steps will surely protect you from online threats, which might be happened with you.

Know about Initiatives from Online Threats  :-

  1. To protect the account from hacking, all you need to do is that all Android devices and Gmail accounts can review their security settings regularly and the Google account activity with just one click “Google Security“. This will automatically scan any vulnerability and guides by that you can keep your account safe.
  2. To safeguard the Android devices from the malicious apps or scamming, you need to scan and check Android devices through Google Play Protect.
  3. Google Play scans all your apps for malware before and after you are installing them and it will automatically enable on your device.
  4. To secure all of your personal data, if the Android device is lost or stolen, then you can download “Find My Device” app and it will help you to locate a lost Android device and keeps the device and information secure.
  5. Install the antivirus on your device which protects your device from viruses and malware infections.

We recommend you to install the Norton antivirus. It is one of the best antivirus available in the market and offers the best service and new features. For more information visit or for instant support dial the toll-free number of Norton customer support.

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