How to Print a Directory Listing

People sometimes need to save and print a list of files in a directory. Where Mac provides the facility to print the list of files, Windows does not. Windows does not provide the feature in a direct way, but it doesn’t mean that the process is tough and time taking. The method used to process directs or sends the output of the file. The output to a file can be printed instead of outputting it to the printer.

Printing a directory listing is helpful for a user as it could be needed for some work. Maybe a user wants to compare the directory with another one. For Microsoft users’, the command prompt is an easy way to navigate the directory containing content.

Follow the steps to print your Directory Listings

  1.    In Windows, go to Start menu and type “command prompt” and hit enter.

Note: – For Windows XP users, Command Prompt is provided in the accessories section.

  1.    Mention the path to the Directory carrying the content which you want to print.
  2.    Type “dir /a” in the command prompt. Remember, the command you type should follow the path to which you want to create the directory. For example, follow “dir /a” with “C:\Users\USERSNAME\Documents\.”
  3.    For Directory Listing of the files, provide a file name and location. For example, “C:\users\username\dekstop\filelist.text”

Note: – Do not use quotations.

  1.    As you have named it, press Enter from your keyboard and complete your command line. You can see on your desktop that you just created a ‘.txt’ file named “filelist.” Open the file in Notepad or WordPad or any text editor and print the file.

Even though windows do not provide a facility to print the Directory Listings, Command prompt is the way to save Directory Listing and print it later. Though the process is a little lengthy, but it is not that tough to create a directory.

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