How to Get Effects on Snapchat?

Snapchat is a fun app for social media. Primarily it was used for sharing pictures. It is most famous for the effects that you can apply to your images. Snapchat is a great way to enhance the quality of your image with some fantastic effects. It is indeed a very famous social networking and messaging app for both iOS and Android. It can add innumerable effects to your videos and photos. For getting effects on Snapchat, consider using lenses, applying filters, trying face-swapping feature, adding typed text, decorating with emoji or using drawing feature. Experiment using different options, have fun and see what can you have.

How to Get Effects on Snapchat

How to use snapchat lenses

If your friends use Snapchat and you have seen a similar face transforming into an adorable dog. It is an absolute fun to turn yourself into a cute pup with a joyful tongue and playful ears. This task can be accomplished with snapchat’s Lenses. Follow these simple steps:

Switch the camera to selfie mode.

  • Capture a picture and wait for the white map to appear on your face.
  • If recognized, scroll through the circular icons at the bottom.

Select the Lens you prefer.

Follow any of the given instructions. Some lenses will tell you to do things like “Lift up your eyebrows.” When you do this, an effect will be added with a particular lens. Snapchat is regularly switching up the Lenses. Don’t be amazed to see new lenses on a daily basis.

How to use Filters?

  • Understand what a filter is– Snapchat filters are added once you take the snap. They give added pizzazz to your photos and videos without much work. Just swipe right or left to access them.
  • Done forget to make sure that your Snapchat is up to date– For getting access to most of the filters, you need new versions of Snapchat. If you have not updated, updating may help you in giving more filter options. It is even easier to update the app through the help of Google Play Store or the iPhone App Store.
  • Make the filters available– Slide down from camera and tap in the high right corner for opening the settings menu. Scroll down and click on manage Preferences in “Additional services” section. Slide button next to the filters to position On. It will now turn green in color.
  • Permit Service of location for Snapchat– You must tell your location to Snapchat if you want to use filters. Some filters only require your location to work like the city or the temperature filters.
  • In Android– Open the Settings app, choose Location and toggle Location on at the top of the menu.
  • In iOS– Open Settings. Scroll down and click Privacy. Tap location services. Slide button beside to Location services to On position if it’s not green. Scroll down and Click Don’t forget to tap while using the app.

Record your video or take a picture– proceed from the main camera screen. Tap on the larger circle for clicking a photo. Hold the ring for a video of up to 10 seconds. For a picture, click the leftmost icon with 5 having a circle around it. It may go up to maximum 10 seconds. For the Video, if you want to mute sound, tap the audio button in the leftmost corner.

Adding a filter to video or photo– Swipe the picture to left or right to add different filters. Geofilters are not available if the Location services are not enabled. Swipe left for having access to available filters.

Adding a Geofilter– These filters will be available according to your current and exact location.

  • City-based- Includes few versions representing the city you are in.
  • Community-based- It consists of the artwork sanctioned by Snapchat that can be submitted by anyone for their location.
  • On-Demand- Either the people or the companies can pay to personalize their own filter. It is restricted to a geographic location. Brand logos are allowed in this case.

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