How to Become Popular by Getting More Instagram Followers

Everyone talks about getting popular on Instagram by accepting or sending more requests to your friends or friendly, by posting many photos or videos on Instagram, by linking your account with other social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter etc.

Follow the accounts you are interested in like of sports, cooking, travelling and many more, commenting or liking regularly on posts of your favourite celebrities, making your username unique, posting regularly not only your pictures but also what you do in your daily life.

Here, you can learn many other tips and techniques for gaining more followers and getting more likes.

Steps of getting popular on Instagram are:

  1. Bring your profile to public. Before people wish to follow you, they want to see what kind of photos you upload on your account. So, it is not that much easy if you have to agree with every single person who follows your Instagram account. Instead of putting your account as a private you need to convert it to public account to get more followers.
  • Another social networking site like Facebook or Twitter, link your Instagram profile with it.  You can gain more followers from your Facebook friends list.
  • If you don’t want to make your account as a private because of your privacy, then stop posting your pictures.
  1. Follow many people. It is the simplest way to gain followers by following more and more accounts. You have to contact with the Instagram community. Follow many accounts whether you have a plan to unfollow them later.
  • Follow your relatives or friends. On other social networking websites like Facebook or Twitter link your profile and request your friends or relatives to like your page.
  • Send request to that account you are interested in following them
  • Become followers of your celebrities and comment regularly on their posts.
  1. Become followers of other popular accounts. Choose some celebrities to follow and engage, regularly comment on their photos or videos.
  2. Go through some get- follower applications or websites. There are many applications and websites from which you can get help to increase your followers. They will also allow you to build money by doing other activities or liking pictures, which further help you to gain followers.

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