Grand Theft Auto V New Mod Adds Marvel’s Thanos

The Aptitude modder “JulioNIB,” is famous for adding the likes of Hulk, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, Dragon Ball and Crysis mods for Grand Theft Auto V, and they are currently working on a brand new mod for the Rockstar’s action-adventure video game. This new mod will carry Marvel’s Thanos on it, along with all of his Gauntlet powers.

Thanos Is Coming to GTA V

Fans and players will be capable of creating some portals and teleport, jump above skyscrapers, by using his Gauntlet to shoot powerful beams and also throw some meteors to enemies to passing by NPCs. You will probably be able to do this, by the mighty power of the GTA Thanos.

At the beginning of Marvel’s Thanos game, provide players a chance to cause mayhem in San Andreas in the vilest and sinister ways. After all, the Mad Titan already caused a lot of devastation in the latest “Avengers” movie, so the players and fans are expecting the same things when the mod comes out.

Grand Theft Auto V is compatible with PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360. In spite of releasing back in 2013, right now the game consists of the most popular titles all over the world, some of the best features includes a massive player base, a dedicated and large modding scene, and usual content updates and patches and many more.

Additionally, the GTA V Online mods have played a very significant role in extending and increasing all in the way to the success of the game in anticipation of 2018. Even not only the mods are extremely plentiful, but there is a lot of high-quality mods are available. Analogous to games like Skyrim, GTA V mods will easily add hundreds of more enjoyment, and content to a game which is already filled with both.

In other related and latest news, the game is approaching almost 100 million of the lifetime sales, that is making it the second-best single selling game of all the time, so that only Minecraft is that, which is not including the Wii Sports. And it was bundled with the Wii, and Tetris, which has re-released up to a million times.

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